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How to Become a Peacemaker

A student at the University of Chicago asked Yossi: “What can I do to help bring peace?”. Here is his answer.

Responding to the latest incarnation of anti-Semitism...

A student at DePaul University in Chicago asked Yossi why "humanizing" Zionists was acceptable, and compared that to asking black Americans to "humanize members of the KKK." Here is part of his response.

Philos Project Presents: Yossi Klein Halevi and Khalil Sayegh

On July 11th, the Philos Project facilitated an opportunity for New York Times Best-Selling Author and Commentator Yossi Klein Halevi to discuss his book "Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor."

Tablet Presents: Neighbors, Episode 1

Yossi Klein Halevi's Palestinian Neighbor Writes Back

Tablet Presents: Neighbors, Episode 2

Yossi Klein Halevi's Palestinian Neighbor Writes Back

Tablet Presents: Neighbors, Episode 3

Yossi Klein Halevi's Palestinian Neighbor Writes Back

Yossi Klein Halevi in conversation with Yehuda Kurtzer

Yossi Klein Halevi: Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor, July 11, 2018. The annual Bronfman Family Foundation lecture at the Shalom Hartman Institute during the 2018 Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar in Jerusalem, Israel.

How do we stop shouting at each other and replace our vicious political debates with a dialogue of mutual respect?

Since publishing my recent book, “Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor,” I’ve been reaching out to Palestinians and others in the Middle East, trying to model a different kind of conversation over profound political and religious differences.

Here, in a short video, I explain the reasoning behind this project, and some of the results. If this video speaks to you, I’d be grateful if you would help spread it around.

Yossi joins the Unorthodox podcast to talk about Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor.

Israel author Yossi Klein Halevi joins The Atlantic's editor in chief Jeffrey Goldberg to discuss the conflict in the Middle East and his new book Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor.

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