Thank you very much for inviting me to read this book. It is my honor to read it and offer my humble opinion. An initial glance at the book’s cover image which centers on an olive branch, certainly leaves you with the impression that the book is a call for peace.  I’m one of those who follow his majesty King Mohamed The Sixth’s wise viewpoint regarding the Palestinian cause.

Alhamdulillah, I’m doing better than many other people. Nonetheless, the situation in general is depressing; I no longer care about the Palestinian cause because if the Palestinians were truly as oppressed as they claim to be, God would surely have intervened to their benefit and brought them justice.

On the matter of the ongoing wave of normalization agreements which has evoked outrage amongst some of the more ignorant and illiterate, I, myself, stand behind the decision to resume diplomatic relations between Israel and my country, Morocco, even if the head of our government (who belongs to an Islamic party) has raised objections to this diplomatic manoeuvre. Our kingdom already welcomes many Israeli tourists throughout the year. I’m all for normalizing relations if it’s beneficial for us because Israel is at least honest and transparent with its own people and fights for their interests, unlike our own countries.

Our countries are ruled by thieves and corrupt politicians who look out only for themselves, suck our blood, increase our poverty levels, drive up cases of suicide and raise drug-addiction rates. We have nothing left but God. Unlike Israelis, who study hard, work hard, enjoy their rights and commit to their obligations with a strong sense of duty, we in Morocco live in a cemetery.

Your warm words illustrate the fact that your people are kind and are blessed with good manners and etiquette. Even before reading the book, I knew that the Jewish author would indeed be the first to invite his Palestinian neighbour to conduct peace, while, unfortunately, most Arabs seem to have forgotten that their own religion, Islam, actually promotes peace, tolerance and coexistence, as it says in the Quran: “You have your way, and I have my Way.” (Al-Kafirun:6).

I like the fact that Jews don’t preach or seek to convert non-Jews but are rather content with the continuation of the religion through maternal lineage, which stands in stark contrast to the missionary activities of other religions.

Our society is filled with so many contradictions; we criticize anything and everything around us, even positive feelings or warm words that stem from the heart. We’ve lost the trust we once had in our everyday surroundings.

I wish we’d become like you someday; improve our education and health systems, create more job opportunities, improve our media and technology,  help one another, and be the bearers of passports that give us access to the entire world. While you love your country and fight for its stability, you simultaneously extend your hand for peace. You put corrupt politicians on trial and bring them to justice. How desperately we need these values in our countries!

We’re a nation that doesn’t read; it is estimated that the average reading consumption per person in the Arab world is around a quarter or half a page per year.

Greetings to the author and the whole team.

Mohamed M. from Morocco