Dear Yossi,

Thanks for your kind answer to my Arabic article published on Alhewar Almotamaden in 13/7/2019, commenting on your book, letters to my neighbors the Palestinians , and once again I decided to make this answer in an article to involve more people in the dialogue and to reach you -dir-ect too.

I finally got to understand that you are calling for the moderate Israelis and Palestinians to come together to make peace, not the rightist´-or-the leftist, those who can combine religion with humanism. I think that is possible because some moderate Arab are calling for the same too but my problem is that I do not think religion can be combined with humanism, I know your choice is practical and my choice is radical , but I also know that my choice is true and your choice is just a dream. Palestinians, Israelis, Arabs and all Middle Eastern, should eventually choose between religion and secularism , as our European neighbors made, long time ago.

Regarding your negative view of Western civilization I also disagree, as it is the school I learnt from and saw as the biggest civilization in human history, you can easily see that the Germans who made your Holocaust yesterday, are the same Germans who are receiving refugees today, and here is the power of this rational civilization, it always learn from the past and move forward to the future, while in our religious Middle Eastern type of civilization, today is always like yesterday.

In the end, I invite you to read my hundred pages book, Mythology of religion and politics , available on my page in Alhewar Almotamaden,a small book like yours, presenting my complete secular view of the Middle East past and future,and that is all I can say.
Please accept my best wishes and regards.

Abdelgawad Sayed


This response was published on Alhewar forum for Arab intellectuals. Click here to read the response on the website.