Shalom, Yossi.
It has been two years (?) since my husband, Ed, and I visited you in your office in Jerusalem. I remember well your hospitality and our conversation about, among other things, teaching interfaith dialogue to teenagers.

I just finished reading “Letters To My Palestinian Neighbor,” and I feel compelled to let you know how deeply it has touched me. I was near tears several times while reading it. It feels like you have written the book that I have been looking for – not only for myself, but for the students whom I teach at St. George’s. Your heartache comes through so clearly, as does your love for — and devotion to — Israel. You are incredibly sensitive to the pain of the Palestinian people, while remaining unflinching in your explanation of the anger that you and other Israeli Jews feel towards your Palestinian neighbors. I have yet to read a book that strikes such a beautiful balance and explains the Israeli perspective so clearly and eloquently.

I think what brought me nearly to tears is the profound sense of longing for peace, for friendship, for dialogue. There are passages that just took my breath away – like your description of sitting in your sukkah looking toward the hills of Jordan, feeling both protected and exposed.

Thank you for writing this book. I needed it. The world needs it.
I do believe that through you and your work and your writing, all the nations of the world are blessed.


The Rev. Dr. Jackie Kirby


St. George’s School