Dear Yossi,

First of all, I would like to thank you for inviting me to read this book and write my thoughts about it. After having read your book I found it to be valuable an important. You, the author, had the courage to address the most sensitive and controversial issues regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

I sensed that there was a genuine invitation in the book to conduct dialogue between the two neighbors, the Palestinian and the Israeli. Addressing the Palestinian as your dear neighbor instead of your enemy moved and fascinated me. Not to mention that expressing rejection of any type of terror or hatred on both sides touched me greatly as well.

Yossi, you managed to balance between your religious and nationalistic feelings and the global human values. I believe that your book can be a good beginning in creating understanding that will pave the road towards a constructive dialogue between the Palestinian and the Israelis as long a there are good intentions to reconcile on both sides.

Finally, I want to ask you a question: Do you see the importance and necessity of Israeli compromises towards the Palestinians, especially at this point in time, so that they will be able establish their own independent state? In my honest opinion, if the Israeli government compromised on land and granted the Palestinians their own state on the 1967 lands, the entire Arab League would have respected this Israeli decision and would have immediately normalize the relations with Israel.

Lately we are witnessing a noticeable progress towards the acceptance of Israel in the Arab World. Some Arab states see the importance and benefit of establishing relations with the State of Israel, but they are waiting for Israel to take a decision in support of establishing a Palestinian state so that they themselves can finally establish relations with Israel openly.

I think such a decision will prove to the entire world that the State of Israel is a state that seeks peace with its surrounding neighbors and for the sake of proving these intentions Israel is willing to compromise on lands. I am wholeheartedly fantasizing about this day.

If this really happened, I would like you to consider me as the first Saudi visitor of the State of Israel. Thank you again for inviting me to read your book.

Best regards

Said from Saudi Arabia