This is Yossi’s reply to Dr. Abdullah from Saudi Arabia. To read Dr. Abdullah’s full response check this link


Dear Dr. Abdullah,

I was deeply touched by the goodwill and open heart which your letter revealed, and also by the careful and thoughtful way in which you read my book. Thank you for being such a faithful reader, for giving me as a writer the gift of taking my work seriously.

I hope you enjoyed the rest of the book as much as you did the first chapters. I would be happy to hear your further thoughts.

It is true that Jews believe that Abraham was the first Jew, in the sense that he was the founder of the Jewish people. But we also believe that he was the founder of the Arab people, through Ishmael. Judaism certainly embraces Abraham as our shared father. We are all his children; he loves us all.

I share your hopes for a two-state solution. I believe that the more Israel is accepted in the region, the easier it will be to convince Israelis to trust the other side and begin the process of moving us toward a Palestinian state. After 70 years of siege and hostility, most Israelis are understandably wary of making concessions, which they fear will be used to undermine their security. That is why I believe that the recent Abraham Accords with the UAE and Bahrain are so important psychologically – as a way of helping Israelis feel that their legitimacy is no longer being challenged and that it is possible to envision a different Middle East.

My prayers are that Saudi Arabia and Israel will be able to take our developing relationship into the light of day. I greatly look forward to the day when you can visit Jerusalem and I can visit Riyadh.

I send you blessings and warm regards,