This is Yossi’s reply to Nasir Altayib from Sudan. To read Nasir’s full response check thislink


Dear Nasir,

Thanks so much for your beautiful and generous letter. I hope that you and your family are well in these difficult times.

It was especially moving for me to receive a letter from Sudan, where you have known so much conflict. How is the situation these days?

I followed with interest the recent meeting between your president and my prime minister. I know that it was controversial in Sudan and certainly in parts of the Arab world. Will it lead to a breakthrough in relations, even quiet relations, between our countries?

I agree with you that peace without love, as you beautifully put it, is like a flower made of plastic. One of the reasons I believe that peace has so failed is because the diplomats are looking for a technical solution, rather than a solution of the heart. When a family is torn apart by feuding, as the family of our father Ibrahim/Avraham is today, then only the heart can heal us. And so your letter is especially precious to me, because it is so clearly coming from the heart.

Please tell me something about yourself, your background, your family, your work.

I would be happy to continue to be in touch with you – and of course with anyone else in Sudan who is interested in reading the book and responding.

Blessings and warm regards –