This is Yossi’s response to Salah from Palestine. To read Salah’s response please check this link

Dear Salah,

First, my apologies for not being in touch sooner. I’ve been traveling abroad for much of this period and have been derelict in maintaining connections, including keeping in touch with you, a new friend whose friendship I cherish.

Our blessed meeting was likewise an eye-opener for me. The truth is, I too feared that we would be unable to establish a genuine human connection across the vast divide between our two peoples. I didn’t really know what to expect from our meeting. Your initial letter, which challenged everything I believe and hold dear, was a deeply painful experience for me to read. And yet I sensed in your words a man for whom human relationships were important, a man who believes in justice and in truth and whom I wanted to get to know.

I am so grateful for your courage in coming to meet me. When we sat together and simply talked, I saw the warmth and decency in your eyes and knew I had made a new friend.  True friendship happens when two people learn that they can trust each other with their deepest pain and truth; I felt the beginning of that kind of friendship with you. 

 I hope we can continue our conversation in person. Perhaps we can bring together more of our friends and see where that leads. I am open to any connection you suggest.

I am honored to say that I have a friend named Salah.

With Blessings and Warm Regards,