I had the honor to be invited to read this book, Letters to my Palestinian Neighbor, which was written by Yossi Klein Halevi. The book’s name drew my attention and attracted me to read it.

The author, who also wrote “Like Dreamers”, attempts to find a solution to an existential problem which the Palestinians have caused due to their continuous stubbornness: they never missed an opportunity to reject peace offers. He also explains the motives behind his decision to leave his hometown, New York, in his twenties, and immigrate to Israel in order to contribute to building the Jewish state, as a man who was morally aware of the necessity of a democratic state in the Middle East.

It was the first time ever that an Israeli writer addressed the Palestinian people, explained to them about the ongoing problem and tried to untangle the emotional-ideological knot that created the conflict over 72 years ago.

The letters explain the religious and historical right of the Jewish people in the holy land, just like Quran did in ayah/verse 21 of surat Al-Maida: “O my people, enter the Holy Land which Allah has assigned to you and do not turn back [from fighting in Allah ‘s cause] and [thus] become losers.”

In addition, the letters address Palestinians through a religious monotheistic approach in an attempt to unify the three Abrahamic religions, trying to find a common ground for dialogue in order to make peace. However, I think that the Palestinian obstinacy will always be a bump in the road of peace.

I realized that the author always focuses on finding commonalities to base his dialogue on, approaches the readers by demonstrating his acceptance and shares his spiritual experiences and dreams with them, hoping that at some point in the future they will share these experiences together. But I think that Yossi will never be able to see these dreams come true as long as the Palestinian side is obstinate, stubborn, dishonest and procrastinates. Historically, the Palestinians are well known for being nothing but traitors and back-stabbers.

The author shed light on many historical and religious facts which Palestinians must admit and acknowledge, for example:

– the destruction of the Jewish temple (The Haykal)

– the Holocaust, which resulted in 6 million Jewish victims

– The legitimate right of all religions and beliefs in the holy land in general and in Jerusalem in particular

–  The fact that there is a psychological barrier which prevents religious, historical, and humane dialogue for peace – a result of the Palestinian obstinacy and carelessness in every single negotiation.

Finally, Palestinians don’t want a peaceful solution for their case and they will forever be obstinate and evade it due to one reason: they don’t want the financial aid that the international community and the Gulf countries had showered them with to stop filling their leaders’ pockets.

I want to tell the Jewish author, Yossi Klein Halevi: stop writing letters to your Palestinian neighbor because he does not recognize you and his aim is to either burn you alive or throw you to the sea. The Palestinians don’t understand any other language but that of violence and rifles. They don’t want peace and they never put any effort in it so instead of reaching out to them through letters just step aside and let the IDF deal with them in the only language they can understand: let them burn and strike their terrorist headquarters in Judea, Samaria and Gaza relentlessly.


The author Yossi is so optimistic about the possibility of reaching the stage of coexistence with the Palestinians and this is exactly where we differ because we, the people of Kuwait, had had a terrible experience with them, which confirmed their treacherous and betraying nature and proved to us that Palestinians have no credibility or honesty whatsoever and no one can ever be safe around them.

Kuwait hosted Palestinians since the fifties of the 20th century and offered them a decent life, jobs, high salaries, education, free healthcare, and granted many of them Kuwaiti citizenship; they lived a luxurious lifestyle. There were around 500,000 Palestinian residents.

Kuwait sponsored the establishment of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO).

In 1990 Kuwait city was occupied by Saddam’s Iraqi forces and instead of standing with Kuwait Palestinians supported the Iraqi occupier. They forgot Kuwait.

So, I wish the author Yossi would take our experience into account and realize the truth about Palestinians: Instead of sending more letters to his Palestinian neighbor I wish he sends them more bombs and missiles.


I hope that Yossi realizes the one and only fact: wherever Palestinians are – they spread terror, chaos, crime and rebellion: look what they did in Jordan to the point that king Hussein took revenge of them in what we know as “Black September”; What are they doing in their camps in Lebanon and Syria; They destroyed Tunisia and Egypt; They spread terror in Italy, Argentina and Germany.

I wish the author remembered a couple of Palestinian terror attacks:

– The massacre of Israeli athletes in Munich in the 70s.

– the hijacking of the Air France airplane and the Israeli raid on Entebbe.


The Palestinian translators who work with you never lived under occupation or went through invasion, so they’re not aware of what they’re talking about: the treason and betrayal of Palestinians. Generalizing is only ok when talking about Palestinians. I don’t care about the 1% of Palestinians who were against the invasion of Saddam; they don’t represent anything.

I’m an engineer in charge of the security of oil refineries and I can tell you about my own experience: the Palestinians who were working with us at that time used to take bribes from Iraqis in order to snitch on Kuwaiti soldiers. They caused the execution of many of our soldiers. Palestinians used to help Iraqis in the checkpoints. They stole Kuwait’s archives of health, education, and oil, along with archaeological antiquities and entire libraries and transferred them to Iraq.
I have lived under Iraqi invasion for 7 months and I have seen the Palestinian treason with my naked eyes.

There were Palestinians to whom Kuwait gave citizenship, such as Shafiq Nadhem Alghabra, Muhammad Hadid, Khaled Al-Hassan, Naim Shheibar, Muhammed Alborno, Othman Abu Sidou, Said Sabeitah, Mustafa Qadoumy, Khaled Alkalouty, and many others. But, in the end, they all cooperated with Iraqis against Kuwait.

Only the one who lived with Palestinians really knows them. Look what they’ve done in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Tunisia.

Palestinians are the Arab Nazis and I wish the IDF could wipe them all out of Gaza, Samaria and Judea.


The author and the Journalist

Abdullah from Kuwait