This is Yossi’s reply to Mohamed from Egypt. To read Mohamed’s full response check this link


Dear Muhammad, 

Thanks so much for writing. When I wrote the book and invited responses, the only responses I hoped to receive were honest voices. Thank you for your honesty and your frankness. 

I wasn’t writing for my Israeli neighbors — they already know this story. I was writing for both my Palestinian neighbors nearby and my more distant Arab neighbors throughout the Middle East. I wrote not expecting people to agree with my narrative or to become Zionists, only to hear something of the Jewish story, which is not well known in the Arab world. I know that many will not be interested. But I’ve gotten a great deal of responses so far, including from Palestinians, and that gives me the confidence to say that there is definitely a readership for this book in the Arab world, even in Palestinian society.

The new edition of the book in English (and in other languages into which it has been translated) includes an extensive epilogue of Palestinian responses. My intention is to turn this into a conversation, not a lecture. 

I hope you will continue reading, and then, once you have finished the book, we can assess together whether it has been successful in its goals.

Best wishes,