The book, Letters to my Palestinian Neighbor, contains deep rooted historical hatred against Iraq; the author discusses, with preconceived hatred, the role of the ancient king of Iraq (Nebuchadnazer) in expelling the Jews from Jerusalem and praises the Persians who allowed them to go back to the holy city. The author’s attitude reflects the historical Persian-Jewish alliance against the Arabs.
* I feel that there is an underlying concept in the book that reflects the philosophy of Christ the saviour who comes to support the Jews and crush others. It is this philosophical and intellectual background that lies behind the vision of the new great Middle East which will create even more division in Arab countries.  
The author clearly demonstrates the role of the Jews in taking down the Soviet Union from inside in order to deprive the Arabs of an important ally and raise the efficiency and capacity of the state of Israel through the Soviet Jews who immigrated to Israel.

* The author spoke about the importance of Ethiopian Jews in the past, present and future, their role in Judaism and how Israel invested in their return: a historical thread that reveals the role of Jews in pressuring and threatening Egypt through the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. 
* The author has an obsession that reflects the collective concern of the Jews and the permanent fear of the Israeli presence being wiped off this region .
* The author acknowledges the Israeli responsibility for the murder of Yasser Arafat because he was pursuing a dual policy based on coexistence and peace while secretly supporting the Palestinian terrorist actions. Yossi was hinting that the same fate awaits Mahmoud Abbas in case he rejects the deal of the century  .
* He implicitly admits in more than one place in his book the impossibility of coexistence with the Arabs and therefore the inevitable result of expelling them from their land (see the Deal of the Century). Yossi emphasized the concept of the Jewishness of the Israeli state first and foremost, which will end up with expelling the Palestinians to neighboring countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq.
* Yossi demonstrates a strange portrayal of the Arabs as Nazis whom he considers as those who constantly pose a genocidal threat to the Jews; at the same time he acknowledges in more than one place in his book that the Jews were not subjected to massacres by Arabs but rather were treated the best in Arab countries.
* This is a book that plays with words and emotions to manipulate and twist the facts. The author addresses the Arabs as if they were gullible kids and he did not tell us anything new.
This is, of course, my personal opinion

The difference in opinion does not spoil amity.


Kais Shaker from Iraq