This is Yossi’s reply to Rasha from Iraq. To read Rasha’s full response check this link


Dear Rasha,

I was deeply touched to read your thoughtful response to my book. Thank you for your respectful reading and for letting others know about this project.

You write about the mistakes that were made in the past that must be corrected. Some of those mistakes can be corrected – for example, compensation should be paid to all the refugees who lost their homes and other property in this conflict, whether Palestinians or Jews from Middle Eastern countries. The biggest mistake that I hope we can correct from the past is to stop denying the legitimacy and the right of each people to a sovereign national life of dignity. That is what I want for my neighbor, just as I want it for myself.

You write about the assassination of Rabin. That was one of the most tragic events in Israeli history, and Israeli society hasn’t completely recovered from it, even now, more than twenty years later. But truthfully I don’t think there would have been peace even if Rabin had lived, because I don’t believe that Yasser Arafat ever intended to sign an agreement with Israel. Apparently Rabin had come to a similar conclusion just before his assassination. That is what I heard from someone who was close to him at the time. But of course we’ll never know for sure.

Again – my gratitude to you for responding to my book. I will be happy to be in touch and continue this dialogue.

With blessings and warm regards,