Dear Yossi,

Your book is amazing. I learned a lot about the Jewish nation and religion. To be honest, I had started becoming more open towards Israel over the past couple of years, and this book just convinced me to continue on this path.

The letters you wrote do not only address Palestinians but also the Arab neighbors in general; at the end of the day, the Palestinians constitute a segment of your Arab neighbors.

You spoke genuinely and sincerely in addressing the issues related to the Palestinian/Arab–Israeli conflict in an objective manner. You also emphasized how each side’s narrative stems from its own religion.

I am not hiding the fact that I am more sympathetic and understanding towards the Jewish narrative. This book opened my eyes and made me wish I could visit Israel and its religious sites and interact closely with the Jewish people living there – the same people we have been taught to hate since we were kids.

I never could have imagined that I would actually support the Jewish people. This, in brief, is a summary of my feelings after having read this book.

Best regards,

Waleed AlHarbi from Saudi Arabia