This is Yossi’s response to Mrs. Suhair from Iraq. To read Mr.s Suhair’s full response check this link


Dear Suhair,

Thank you for your beautiful response to my book. Your goodwill shines through every word.

We have all inherited a tragedy that none of us are responsible for creating – whether in the land of Israel/Palestine or in Iraq – but which we are responsible for trying to heal. It is good to know there are allies in that struggle.

I am glad you are following the social media pages of former Iraqi Jews. A friend of mine, who grew up in Baghdad, writes one of those pages, and she tells me that hundreds of thousands of Iraqis read her. That fills me with hope. I know that many Iraqis regret what was done to the Jews. And so my hope is that we can become friends from a distance. After reading your letter, that doesn’t seem like an impossible dream.

My prayers continue to be with the people of Iraq. Now that I have a personal connection there, those prayers feel more intense.

With blessings for all good things –